Lotfi AbdurRahman

Shaykh Lotfi AbdurRahman, a prominent figure in Islamic outreach, resides in Montreal, Canada. With over twenty years of comprehensive involvement in Islamic leadership, he has been an influential Imam, Educator, and Activist. His extensive education in traditional Islamic sciences was under the guidance of esteemed Mashayikh.
Shaykh Lotfi’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Public Relations, a Certificate in Leadership Studies, and a Cybersecurity degree from McGill University.
A pivotal figure in community development, he has effectively spearheaded Islamic conferences, university campus initiatives, notably as the MSA President, and made appearances on Huda TV. In the Greater Montreal Area, he is known for his engaging Khutbas and his dedication to weekly youth and professional development programs. Multilingual, Shaykh Lotfi communicates fluently in English, Arabic, and French. His commitment to personal growth is evident in his regular martial arts practice.
As the founder of, he continues his outreach and can be followed on IG @oneqibla



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